Pacific Investment Group (TIGR) was established by Sergey Darkin in December 2014 in order to attract private investments to the Russian Far East. The priority for the Company is working to implement of high-yield investment projects assisting to the development of the Russian Far East and building trade and economic relations with leading Asian economies especially with China.


TIGR's mission is to assist attracting capital and effective investment by focusing efforts on the projects that support economic and social development of the Russian Far East.


TIGR's efforts are focused on the high efficiency projects of the Russian Far East with having rapid return and accumulative investment effect.

TIGR's projects are environmentally oriented, highly cost-effective and socially significant.

TIGR's complex structure provides selection and justification of investment to the projects corresponding to the economic interests and priorities of Russia allocated in the Pacific region.

All prospective and ongoing projects are supervised in accordance with our team accumulated experience and strategic priorities for the development of the Russian Far East, developed by the Expert Council of the TIGR, which includes members of the Academy of Sciences and other world-class organizations.

TIGR’s leaders have solid experience in core production as well as in realization of projects of industrial infrastructure and banking and other financial institutions investing.

TIGR could provide a high effect in a short time of investment with clearly visible horizon of invested capital returning.


Reserves of gold in Russia

Stock of timber in Russia

Fishery industry in Russia

World diamond mining

Sergey Darkin



The Russian Far East is one of the most strategically important regions of Russia and its development carries nationwide significance. The Russian Far East and the development of its manufacturing strength determine Russia’s role in a major economic area of the world: the Asia-Pacific region.