An important part of the TIGR’s operation is a scientific research and development. In collaboration with leading research centers, departments, scientists and experts in various fields, we conduct regional and sector studies, implementing research projects, among them the main ones are the development of regional and sectoral development strategies and the preparation of analytical work, based on the monitoring of the priority sectors for the development of the region.
Under the leadership of the TIGR’s President, the Expert Council was established, which is a permanent advisory and consultative body. The Chairman of the Expert Council is the Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. of Economics, Professor Vladimir Kvint. Among the members of the Expert Council are leading scientists and experts, regional and large business leaders, which are familiar with the situation in the industry sectors.


TIGR works in cooperation with the leading research centers on the contractual basis as part of the research and survey activities: Central Economic Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Lomonosov Moscow State University’ Center for Strategic Studies at the Institute of Complex Systems Mathematical Research


On a regular basis, TIGR issues weekly Strategic Economic Review (digest information and concepts) and the special edition is issued quarterly, which presents extensive information of the current state of one of the priority sectors of the region. TIGR’s conceptual basis is a scientific book «Strategic Priorities of the Development of the Russian Far East. Russian National Interests and Priorities in the Regions of the Federal District. Implementing Global Competitive Advantages». This book has been written under the direction of Sergey Darkin in 2015.